This is not your average Lamborghini

This is not your average Lamborghini

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This is not your average Lamborghini.

You "wont use this Lamborghini for a business trip or even a Sunday drive; instead, it shall operate almost exclusively [the] workplace." 

Ferruccio Lamborghini success can be strongly attributed to his accomplishment of building one of the most successful tractor company's during the postwar era. 

Born to a family of grape growers, and a passion for mechanics, this path in life was meant to be. 


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His career had always consisted of designing and constructing motorized vehicles; the applications for those vehicles simply branched out after that fifteen-year period of being focused on one task: farming.

Postwar Italy was in ruins and in need of not only economic, but industrial and agricultural miracles. Especially notable was the shortage of agricultural machinery available for use.

Lucky for Italy, Lamborghini had begun his engineering career working on a tractor on his family farm and he had spent at least six years refining his skills through real-world experience.

"It’s almost like he was made for this specific moment."

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