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Expensive Wine For The Rich & Lavish

Finding a great, expensive wine can be daunting. Hopes are high to get the perfect bottle, and it can be hard to know what makes it worth the price.

Expensive wine for the rich and lavish

Start by researching the thoughts of respected critics. Scores of 90/100 or higher are given when critics are impressed by a wine's layers of flavor, its structure (a complex term referring to the relationship between a wine's elements — how its acidity, sweetness, body, alcohol level, and tannins all interact), its nose, bottling process, and how it can be expected to age. 

Some of the best bottles of expensive wine I have found — discoveries I have made on my journey into the world of expensive wines — are below.

Expensive Red Wine, Exquisite Yet Elegant

It may seem obvious, but the rewards of buying an exceptionally expensive wine lie in the superior qualities of these wines. They include:

  • an additional depth of color
  • a more complex nose
  • richer layers of taste

Great, expensive red wine can bring hints of their countries of origin and reflect long-standing traditions of national winemaking. Expensive reds have more subtle flavors than their inexpensive counterparts and can be redolent of richer flavors. Examples would include notes of the tannins, chocolate, fruit, and coffee. 

While you should not judge a bottle by its label alone, most expensive red wines are presented in elegant packaging, heightening the drinking experience before you even open the bottle. 

Over the past year and a half, our travel options have been greatly limited. Having my favorite wines on hand has brought the world within my reach when I might otherwise miss out on it. 

Best Expensive Wine For a Luxurious & Divine Experience

When looking for the best expensive wine, international wine critic James Suckling gives the Campoleone Umbria Rosso a near-perfect score of 95/100. He notes the wine's "fabulous aromas of ripe, dark fruits, spices, and milk chocolate", as well as its "wonderful floral character." 

The Wine Advocate, which is published by noted wine critic Robert Parker, gives the expensive wine a stellar 94/100 review and mentions the Campoleone Umbria Rosso's "shapely fruit tones of blackberry and dried cherry." The review points out the ways in which the wi ne is redolent of its terra, or place of origin. Umbria, which borders Tuscany, is rich in history and the original source of the reddish-brown pigment known as umber. 

The Wine Advocate detects further hints in the wine of "balsam herb, licorice, sweet spice, tobacco, forest floor, and flower potpourri." This is a wine to truly sip and savor.

The Wine Advocate says that it "opens with an inky black color and extreme elegance that hits at the very core" and then closes in a way that is "soft, long lasting and ripe." 

Full-bodied and layered, the Campoleone Umbria Rosso has an ABV of 14%. It is aged for a total of 24 months and comes in a simple, beautiful wooden box. After a taste you too will be able to tell why this is one of the best expensive wine. 

Good Expensive Wine That Gives A Sense of Prestige

The kind of grape called "sangiovese" gets its name from the Latin "sanguis Jovis" — the blood of Jupiter. The Torami Umbria Red, made partly from sangiovese grapes (blended with cabernet sauvignon and montepulciano grapes), has a wonderfully dense and bold ruby color. 

As for taste, James Suckling calls it "full-bodied, with round, silky tannins and lots of juicy fruit." He further describes "chocolate shavings as well in the aftertaste." 

Seeing the elegant vintage box brightens the atmosphere. It has the verve and flair of a classic, mid-century Italian design. With an ABV of 14%, the Torami Umbria Red is delicious but not too heavy — an area where Lamborghini excels in comparison to other expensive red wine brands. 

Suckling concludes simply that this wine is "so delicious now." It's a winning endorsement for a beautiful, expensive red wine.

Expensive Wines For All Wine Connoisseurs

Expensive wines can be any variety. Like reds, white and sparkling wines can be made to higher standards with the increasingly complex and luxurious flavors you seek.

Not all expensive wines are fuller-bodied. I have found medium and lighter choices that satisfy the desire for higher-end wines while maintaining the vibe of more casual occasions.

Most Expensive Red Wines For Every Event

Sometimes, more is better. The Lamborghini Ultimate Gift Set has three great, expensive reds and a delicious white. It makes for a wonderful present. Of course, if you decide to make it the start of your own collection, you will not regret it. 

The Ultimate Gift Set comes in a cool, glossy black display case with golden handles and a lock. It makes me feel like I am jetting off on a Tuscan holiday. One bottle of each of the following are included in the set:

  • Lamborghini Trescone. A red IGT Umbria, oaky and earthy. Its name comes from a traditional dance performed during the annual grape harvest, giving you a sense of the traditions from which these wines emerge.
  • Lamborghini Era. A Sangiovese IGT from Umbria. Its name is inspired by Mount Era, which overlooks the vineyards and the Lamborghini estate. The Era embodies the wine's terra, namely the Lamborghini estate, which lies between the south side of the Trasimeno lake and the beautiful medieval village of Panicale.
  • Lamborghini Red. A vibrant and intense expensive red, floral, fruity, and with a pleasing minerality. 
  • Lamborghini White. The White was created to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of Lamborghini wines. It has a lovely lemony color, with an elegant nose. Its flavor is pleasant and summery, and it is an excellent expensive sweet wine.

Buying all four bottles together is the perfect way to have the right bottle of expensive wine on hand for any occasion.

$200 Bottle of Wine That Nothing Can Outshine

With only 12% ABV (Alcohol By Volume), the Oro Vino Spumante is a beautiful, sparkling chardonnay. It is ideal for summer days and romantic getaways and has been given over 700 5-star reviews.

The Oro Vino Spumante comes with two custom-made Lamborghini crystal glasses, and the bottle itself is a striking gold. Stylish, fresh, and dry with just a hint of sweetness, the Oro Vino Spumante is simply delightful.

The Finest Expensive Wines

You do not need to be overwhelmed by the number of expensive wine brands available. Lamborghini wine honors the ancient traditions of Italian winemaking and Italy's devotion to beauty, style, and taste. Founder Ferruccio Lamborghini dedicated his life to luxury, quality, and excellence, and his passion comes through in the truly extraordinary wines his estate produces.

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