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Luxury Wine - The Best of 2021

When it comes to luxury wine the vision of Ferruccio Lamborghini delivers not only in multiple awards and excellent wine tasting scores, but as Robert Parker of International Wine Critic says "One of the Most Spectacular Wines Made in Italy."

luxury wine

Savor the unique elegance and charm of the most prestigious Italian wine. Perfect for bringing magic to any moment and a gift that no other luxury wine brand can quite deliver.

It's safe to say luxury has lost its meaning over the years due to many wine labels throwing out the word to help perceive their wine as high end.

As you can imagine, Ferruccio Lamborghini put the same quality and love into his wines as he did his automobiles. After selling his car company he put all of his efforts into crafting the perfect premium wine.

Let's explore why Lamborghini Wine truly is a luxurious wine based on four components of luxury wines and just how it indulges your key senses as no other wine can.

High End Wine that Speaks Elegance

Ferruccio Lamborghini was always attracted to new challenges and wanted to do the best in everything he loved. It's no wonder that it is stated on the label of his wine bottles: "I have always tried to do my best in every field; this is my wine."

With the help of his daughter Patrizia and the super-winemaker Riccardo Cotarella, Lamborghini Wine is a high end wine that delivers quality, beauty, and an unforgettable experience.

Take a look at some of the amazing and critically acclaimed high end wines:

Premium Wines: Campoleone Umbria Rossa

high end wine

The Lamborghini Campoleone Umbria Rossa is a premium wine like no other. Beautifully encased in a branded wooden box, this makes the perfect luxury wine gift.

"The Campoleone is the best I have tasted thus far. This blended Umbrian red (50-50 Sangiovese and Merlot) opens with an inky black color and extreme elegance that hits at the very core. Shapely fruit tones of blackberry and dried cherry are enhanced by balsam herb, licorice, sweet spice, tobacco, forest floor and flower potpourri. The close is soft, long lasting and ripe. I look forward to revisiting this wine in six or seven years when it has completed its evolution." - Score 94 (The Wine Advocate

  • Variety: Sangiovese, Merlot
  • Aging: 12 months in French oak barriques & 12 months in bottle
  • Color: Purple tinged with black in the centre of the glass
  • Smell: Notes of ripe fruit
  • Taste: Deep sensation of coffee, tobacco, chocolate and quality tannins. 
  • Serving Temp: 55°F - 60°F
  • Size: 1500ML
  • Aging Potential: 10-15 years
  • Vintage: 2013

A Quality Wine: Lamborghini Torami

quality wine

The Torami is a quality wine that reflects the will of Ferruccio to test a less usual blend made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese. The result, the most rebel and individualist wine.

"The Lamborghini family makes some of the best wines you'll find from Umbria and this juicy, rich and beautifully extracted blend of Cabernet, Sangiovese and Montepulciano is a prime example. The wine is succulent and attractive on all levels and its aromas of red fruit, plum, roasted nut and spice are very inviting indeed. It's a powerful wine, that ends on a bright, menthol-driven finish." - Wine Enthusiast

  • Variety: Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Growing method: Spurred cordon with a vine density of 5,000 vines per hectare
  • Age: 10 months in French oak barriques and minimum of 6 months aging in the bottle
  • Color: Dense dark red, impenetrable
  • Smell: Notes of wild berries, black olives and prunes
  • Taste: Imposing structure and remarkable tannins
  • Aging potential: 8-10 years
  • Size: 750ML

High End Wine: The Oro Vina Spumante

premium wines

The Oro Vina Spumante instantly shines with a pleasant tease of citrus, almonds, and delicate florals. A fresh, dry sparkling, high end wine with a hint of sweetness, this chardonnay dominant blend is sophisticated and layered.

When it comes to high end wines, nothing speaks it more clearly than the beautiful Gold Bottle Oro Vina Spumante. With over 500 five star reviews the raving fans for this upscale wine speaks for itself.

  • Variety: Sparkling wine
  • Perlage: Fine and persistent
  • Color: Pale yellow
  • Smell: Intense and delicate
  • Taste: Dry wine with a small hint of sweetness. Very pleasant, persistent and fine with good structure.
  • Serving Temp: 42°F - 46°F
  • Size: 750ML

What Makes Wine High End?

high end wines

Luxury can be defined as anything that is desirable and more than necessary and not ordinary. For a wine to be considered high end there needs to be four key attributes: pricing, quality, rarity, and prestige.

These four components provide a sense of privilege to the buyer that the average wine cannot.


Pricing for quality wines usually break down into two categories. For affordable luxury wines the pricing is usually $50-100 and for quality luxury wines the price comes in at $100-500. To justify the price as luxury the winemaker must first meet the demands of: quality, rarity, and prestige.


Quality is fundamental to premium wines. Lamborghini Wine is currently quality checked and produced by The Wizard Riccardo Cotarella. Riccardo is notorious for his powerful white and red wines, which are the results of long years of trial and error, driven by his passion to revive ancient grapes that have grown in Umbria since Roman times.

Every bottle of Lamborghini Wine is expertly made with the highest quality.


The winery of Lamborghini estate is situated on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. Lamborghini Ferruccio began planting different grape varieties both red and white which made for unusual varieties at that early stage.

The high end Lamborghini wine is only produced with grapes from the Lamborghini winery in Italy, so the production is limited to what the vineyard can produce. This means that because Lamborghini does not source or ship grapes in anyway, you can be rest assured every bottle is uniquely made from the Lamborghini estate. Thus, ensuring quality and of course, rarity.


 upscale wine

The name Lamborghini speaks prestige.

It comes to no surprise that Lamborghini Wine lives up to its name, producing a wine unparalleled to other luxury wine brands in quality and prestige. With many awards and critically acclaimed in the tasting rooms of fine wine critics, Lamborghini's wine has made its way into Hollywood as an icon for luxury wine.

Luxury Wine Brands Indulge the Senses

It's enough for a wine to pass the four components that qualify for luxurious but what makes wine truly a luxury product is how it indulges the senses when you drink it. Lamborghini wine opens your worldly senses through taste, smell and sight. In each description of Lamborghini wine, you can find full detailed profile on taste, smell, and appearance of each premium wine Lamborghini makes.


Taste is important to wine. Can the taste invoke emotions and memories? Wine critic, James Suckling says, "This reminds me of the stupendous 1997 with fabulous aromas of ripe, dark fruits, spices, and milk chocolates".

James Suckling continues on about the currants and character with its full bodied and super velvety tannins. Lamborghini wines each have their own unique and bold taste.


Smell is important for high end wines. How does Lamborghini luxury wine play on the nose?

As stated: "the wine is succulent and attractive on all levels and its aromas of red fruit, plum, roasted nut and spice are very inviting indeed."

The Lamborghini family makes some of the best wines you'll find from Umbria and each wine gives a very unique and pleasurable smell.


Not only do the bottles cater to every deep aesthetic human sense, the wine itself looks amazing. As Antonio Galloni of Wine Advocate stated: A full-bodied, racy red, the wine possesses compelling layers of dark cherries, licorice, mint, tobacco, sweet herbs, and French oak in an elegant, beautifully balanced style.

Each wine from Lamborghini is quality wine that any wine drinker will love.


The wine industry has evolved in many ways, both negative and positive. With the word luxury and quality being thrown around it can be hard to discern at times what makes for true luxury wine. Lamborghini Wine is truly redefining, once again, quality wine delivered for the upscale wine drinker. Make sure to check out all of the luxury wines that Lamborghini produces from their winery.

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