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Italian Sparkling Wine : The Notorious Gold Bottle

To open a bottle of Italian sparkling wine is to welcome the essence of Italy into your home. With each swirl and each sip, you capture soft rolling hills, radiant sunshine, and deep appreciation for handcrafted perfection.

These wines owe their eloquence to producers with a fierce love of the land and an intimate understanding of what brings forth the most nuanced, exquisite, and refreshing taste. Once more of a local specialty, bubbly Italian wine has reached widespread acclaim for wine connoisseurs the world over, further enriching their wine collections and offering an exceptional tasting experience.

italian sparkling wine

Gold bottle sparkling Italian wine from Wine by Lamborghini has the prestige and rarity you seek in a wine, with a flavor profile of the finest degree. There’s a reason why international wine critic Robert Parker gives rave reviews to Lamborghini wine, calling it "one of the most spectacular wines made in Italy."

Critically acclaimed Italian sparkling wines are high end from their production to their packaging, with care taken in each stage of creation.

The Best Italian Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines have grown in popularity, but such popularity carries variety as well. To have earned critical acclaim and the prestige that comes alongside it, you must bring your best efforts and most consistent passions to the forefront.

This is where Lamborghini wines excel, so it’s no surprise that each wine label bears the Ferruccio Lamborghini motto: “I have always tried to do my best in every field; this is my wine.”

The best Italian sparkling wine has the perfect blend of effervescence and flavor, where the mouthfeel delights and the taste nuances are both complex and subtle.

Quality fine wine is more than an occasional pleasure. It is as vital as the sun, as delightful as the mischievous wind, and as passionate as those who work the soil. Premium Italian sparkling wine is an expression of the finest attributes of the Italian landscape, from vineyards perched high on a mountain slope to those nestled on a sun-loving valley floor. Here are two of the finest Lamborghini sparkling wines to enjoy.

Italian Sparkling Wine for Every Occasion

Lamborghini v12: Brut Vino Spumante has a sense of sophistication and freshness you can’t find in other brut Italian sparkling white wine. This chardonnay-dominant sparkling wine has undeniable smoothness to delight the palate.

italian champagne

With layered flavor nuances, Brut Vino Spumante reveals delicate notes of lemon peel, white florals, and crisp apple. It dances on the palate and offers exquisite balance thanks to its crisp dryness, bubbly sharpness, bright acidity, and velvety mouthfeel. Lamborghini v12: Brut Vino Spumante makes the perfect gift for friends and family or a fine wine addition in your own home.

  • Variety: Pinot noir and chardonnay
  • Area of origin: Treviso province
  • Perlage: Fine and persistent
  • Color: Pale yellow
  • Smell: Intense and delicate
  • Taste: Very dry and well-balanced
  • Serving Temp: 42°F – 46°F
  • Size: 750ML

Sparkling Italian Wine: The Gold Bottle

Sampling gold bottle sparkling wine is one of the best ways to experience Italy’s finest creations. This sophisticated and layered white wine is a refreshing pinot noir-chardonnay blend, with the dominant chardonnay grapes elevating the taste and providing fresh citrus notes in every sip.

sparkling italian wine

Oro Vino Spumante has silky and persistent perlage that denotes its high quality, and the fine bubbles rise to the top in an elegant procession. If you prefer a touch of sweetness in your Italian sparkling wine, you’ll adore the gold bottle Lamborghini. Its high-quality flavor profile offers up subtle almonds, fresh citrus, and delicate florals, with an exquisite, smooth velvet mouthfeel you’ll savor.

Lamborghini: Oro Vino Spumante (Gift Set), beautifully packaged with two crystal wine glasses, pairs exceptionally well with cheeses, honey-based sauces, smoked salmon, caviar, shellfish, and other sumptuous fish dishes.

  • Variety: Pinot noir and chardonnay
  • Perlage: Fine and persistent
  • Color: Pale yellow
  • Smell: Intense and delicate
  • Taste: Good structure and dry with a hint of sweetness
  • Serving Temp: 42°F – 46°F
  • Size: 750ML

‌The Best Italian Champagne You Need to Try

Italian sparkling wines are the perfect dinner complement. Not only are they light bodied and fresh on the palate, but they also elevate a variety of foods and desserts and pay homage to their Italian heritage.

You could pair your favorite sparkling wine with an antipasto platter of delectable cured meats, olives, sliced cheese, and artichoke hearts, or savor it with butternut squash ravioli, fruit tarts, decadent chocolate, or the beloved Italian dessert zabaglione.

These wines also pair well with social events. From a casual get-together to a business event or housewarming party, social occasions were made for such a high-quality sparkling Italian wine.

Prosecco Italian Champagne

Lamborghini Gold: Extra Dry Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso has the prestige and high quality you expect from Lamborghini, along with incredible depth and an aromatic profile that summons you to fertile vineyards and lush, green landscapes.

This Italian champagne features Glera grapes (synonymous with Prosecco) and a blend of Lamborghini reserve wines, producing a flavor profile that dances between lemon and mandarin, apple and pear, and acacia honey and elderflowers. Prosecco Italian champagne has a soft and velvety taste with well-balanced acidity, subtle sweetness, and fruit notes.

italian bubbly wine

Lamborghini Gold: Extra Dry Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso makes an exceptional gift to yourself or friends, adding prestige to the celebrations and unparalleled taste with each sip.

  • Variety: Glera
  • Area of origin: Veneto region
  • Color: Pale yellow
  • Smell: Fine, fruity, and well balanced
  • Taste: Soft, well balanced, and velvety
  • Serving Temp: 42°F – 46°F
  • Size: 750ML
  • Method: Martinotti/Charmat


Sparkling white wine from Italy comes in different styles and varieties, but the highest quality wines have earned their place through prestige, rarity, and exquisite flavor. If you’re ready to elevate your Italian bubbly wine collection, you’ll find luxury bottles on offer from Wines by Lamborghini. Each bottle of Lamborghini sparkling wine has the quality and style you seek as a discerning wine enthusiast. Come explore the collection and discover your new favorite wine.

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